who we are

In some African cultures, the granary is a place associated with an important resource. It was storage for food in times of excess and reservoir in times of less. It was the duty of women in the community to care for the granary and the food it held.

The Granary Hub is a space where women can learn and define technology for themselves. We strive to increase women’s participation at all levels of ICT in Uganda. We are a wealth of technological resources for women’s variety of technological needs, and we are always filling our granary up with the most recent technological developments.

As a collaborative space for technology, we reach out to beginners with nominal needs, as well as women who are seeking to work in the computer field.

VISION: ICT literacy for every woman.

MISSION: To provide an environment of opportunity that is women focused and led that builds participation in information technology through short and long course technology trainings, partnering with schools and creating linkages with role models.

PRINCIPLES: professionalism, integrity, collaboration, innovation

what we do

Programs at The Granary Hub are designed with the intention of increasing internet content and usage by African women and girls and creating a new harvest of women software engineers.

We target women and girls with limited/no web and computing knowledge and those who have had access to computers but are not actively involved. We do this by utilising open source tools and making use of and improving existing structures.


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